The Death of Hope, or Mary Berry’s Tarte Au Citron 

I was talking to a colleague the other day and he said he hated the idea of hope. It was always harking to the future, he said. It drew attention away from what was happening in the present, and set you up for perpetual disappointment. "I hope it doesn't rain today" - so what if … Continue reading The Death of Hope, or Mary Berry’s Tarte Au Citron 

Honey and Walnut Bread 

It's bake off week 3 and its bread week. And. I mean. Bread? Really, what is bread but rubbish cake? Consider this less a recipe post and more a hugely heartfelt book recommendation - if you are interested at all in learning to make your own bread, buy this book -    Written by Bake-Off … Continue reading Honey and Walnut Bread 

Blogmas Day 14 – Chocolate Truffle Teacups

Because NO ONE likes Christmas pudding. Today, I am sharing an old family recipe* for chocolate truffle torte. This is a fine little pudding to make for any occasion - it is at heart just chocolate and cream, so everyone likes it. My Mum always made this in a big springform cake tin, which looks … Continue reading Blogmas Day 14 – Chocolate Truffle Teacups

Blogmas Day 12 – Wildly Ambitious Gingerbread Biscuits

Last week on of my friends gave the Sweet Tooth by Lily Vanilli - a charming baking book full of preposterous sweet eats such as "Popping Candy Fool's Gold Chocolates" and "Bacon and Maple Syrup Teacakes". She said it might come in useful for my blogging. You bet your arse it will, Jen. This kind … Continue reading Blogmas Day 12 – Wildly Ambitious Gingerbread Biscuits

Emergency Store Cupboard Brownies

We have awoken to a bleak, bleak day. The Tories have won an outright majority – something we didn’t think was possible yesterday morning – and support for UKIP is climbing terrifyingly high. I’m not sure our beautiful welfare state, our NHS, can survive another five years of cuts. It’s the weakest who will suffer … Continue reading Emergency Store Cupboard Brownies

Magic Milk and Cookies

And by magic, I mean with booze in it. As it’s Sunday, and STILL not spring, despite me checking every fifteen seconds since January the 15th, I thought I’d blog about my EXTREMELY COSY AFTERNOON making biscuits with some new homeware and drinking. Oh, and also do a mini homeware haul. Check out my selection … Continue reading Magic Milk and Cookies