The Death of Hope, or Mary Berry’s Tarte Au Citron 

I was talking to a colleague the other day and he said he hated the idea of hope. It was always harking to the future, he said. It drew attention away from what was happening in the present, and set you up for perpetual disappointment. "I hope it doesn't rain today" - so what if … Continue reading The Death of Hope, or Mary Berry’s Tarte Au Citron 

Pulled Pork Pot Roast

Over the weekend I put up a facebook post offering up my old slow-cooker, because my life is a non-stop rollercoaster of excitement and laughs. And people LOVED it. They are so surprisingly interested in slow cookers – and rightly so, slow cookers are Da Bomb. It’s like Past You has cooked Present You dinner … Continue reading Pulled Pork Pot Roast

Ridiculously Healthy Lunch Soup

I always tell myself that I am going to make myself soup to take to lunch. Delicious, wholesome nourishing soup! Knocked up in 20 minutes in my own kitchen, meeting my nutritional needs perfectly, not full of double cream (I KNOW IT’S DELICIOUS, COVENT GARDEN SOUP CO, BUT IT’S NOT FOR EVERY DAY, OKAY?) and … Continue reading Ridiculously Healthy Lunch Soup

Blogmas Day 14 – Chocolate Truffle Teacups

Because NO ONE likes Christmas pudding. Today, I am sharing an old family recipe* for chocolate truffle torte. This is a fine little pudding to make for any occasion - it is at heart just chocolate and cream, so everyone likes it. My Mum always made this in a big springform cake tin, which looks … Continue reading Blogmas Day 14 – Chocolate Truffle Teacups

Blogmas Day 5 – Maple Butter Toffee

(Or "Salted Maple Christmas Caramels" if you insist). The internet is full of recipes for "Christmas caramels - ideal for gifting! 😀 ❤ :D" and the like, but you know what all of them have in common? A) they refer to this confection as caramel when it is sodding CLEARLY toffee and B) they require … Continue reading Blogmas Day 5 – Maple Butter Toffee

Maybe Perfect Healthy Pizza

Cauliflower crust pizza! Ruler of Pintrest, holy grail of paleo, deeply unlikely idea. WHY AM I DOING THIS? Pizza is hands down my favourite food. I bloody LOVE it, especially really dirty, Dominoes-style takeaway pizza, with double cheese and a pot of saturated fat on the side to dip my crusts in. Yeeeeeeeeah! But as … Continue reading Maybe Perfect Healthy Pizza