Starting Slimming World (Again) – A Beginners Guide

It has been three years since I started Slimming World. I know loads about it, and it works for me very well. Over the last six months though, my habits have been slipping. I’ve started feeling like I “need” biscuits to get through deadlines, pizza to help me relax. I’ve started buying multipacks of chocolate … Continue reading Starting Slimming World (Again) – A Beginners Guide

Then and Now

Summer 2007. I am 21. I am waiting to start an MA in Creative Writing, which I still can’t believe I got on to. In the meantime, I have gone to the Edinburgh festival to work as a venue tech. Mum said I should get out of the house – I was just moping about … Continue reading Then and Now

Self Care – Being Your Own Seven Year Old

A few years ago I was reading some article on dieting, as I am wont to do, when I came across the words – “An adult woman seeking to lose 1-2 pounds per week requires 1,400 calories per day, the same amount as a seven year old child…” I will not recount to you the … Continue reading Self Care – Being Your Own Seven Year Old

Facing Friday – Self-Kindness

It has come to my attention that, over this past week, I have been being unkind to myself. On Monday, despite being omgreallygoodIwenttothegymFOURTIMES I stayed the same weight as the week before - a week I had used to consume everything I could get my grubby mitts on. On Tuesday I got up for yoga … Continue reading Facing Friday – Self-Kindness

Crappest In The Class – My Yoga Journey So Far…

There is a lot of chat, in yoga circles, about “building a daily practice”. Or people will tell you how long they’ve been doing it for – “I first started yoga in 2010…” But this is a bit misleading. This implies that doing yoga is a smooth, linear process, where you get better in a … Continue reading Crappest In The Class – My Yoga Journey So Far…

Health Kick Up The Bum – Starting Point

As I have mentioned before, a couple of years ago I joined Slimming World, revolutionised my approach to eating and my body, became much much happier in my skin and lost three stone. Bloody good show, well done me, etc etc etc. Having lost three stone, I became very complacent. "I am a size twelve … Continue reading Health Kick Up The Bum – Starting Point

Ridiculously Healthy Lunch Soup

I always tell myself that I am going to make myself soup to take to lunch. Delicious, wholesome nourishing soup! Knocked up in 20 minutes in my own kitchen, meeting my nutritional needs perfectly, not full of double cream (I KNOW IT’S DELICIOUS, COVENT GARDEN SOUP CO, BUT IT’S NOT FOR EVERY DAY, OKAY?) and … Continue reading Ridiculously Healthy Lunch Soup