Twelve Favourites From My Bookshelf

I don't know how you organise your books - some people do it by colour, alphabetically, by category... I organise my books much more according to emotion and the rules of chaos. Most specifically, I have a shelf, which is high up in my bedroom, and reserved for favourites. The books people are not allowed … Continue reading Twelve Favourites From My Bookshelf

Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land

With Good Me Bad Me, Ali Land has given us the perfect psychological thriller. Annie’s mother is a serial killer. For years, she’s been killing little children and getting away with it. But one day, aged 15, Annie can’t take the horror of her mother’s actions any more and turns her into the police. Annie … Continue reading Good Me Bad Me by Ali Land

Book Review – Christmas At The Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan

This charming page-turner is a true delight. The third in the Little Beach Street Bakery series, this book follows feisty baker Polly, her fiancé Huckle and their pet puffin Neil through a sweet and amusing account of the run up to Christmas, dealing with the pressures of work, the problems of their friends and the … Continue reading Book Review – Christmas At The Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan

Honey and Walnut Bread 

It's bake off week 3 and its bread week. And. I mean. Bread? Really, what is bread but rubbish cake? Consider this less a recipe post and more a hugely heartfelt book recommendation - if you are interested at all in learning to make your own bread, buy this book -    Written by Bake-Off … Continue reading Honey and Walnut Bread 

My Blog Crushes 2016

OH MY GOD it's been two weeks, I said I wouldn't do that, I m a Bad Blogger. It's because I had flu, but don't worry, I'll bitch about that in tomorrow's catch up. I thought I would furnish you with a list of my favourite blogs. I find it a bit tricky to find … Continue reading My Blog Crushes 2016

Blogmas Day 4 – My Favourite Ever Bookshops (Consumerism Isn’t All Bad)

I hang out mainly with people who do a lot of activism and/or yoga, so consumerism gets a bad rap round our way. "Who needs possessions anyway?" my friends will say, knitting themselves jumpers out of yak milk. "Money's not what's important in life. The only things that truly bring happiness are love, and a … Continue reading Blogmas Day 4 – My Favourite Ever Bookshops (Consumerism Isn’t All Bad)

How to Cure Readers Block

I have, right now, three unfinished books piled up next to my bed. The last fiction book I finished, read all the way through, was in March. This happens to everyone occasionally, and it is so, so upsetting. I think readers block is so distressing because for a lot of people (ME) the idea of yourself … Continue reading How to Cure Readers Block