Doing Your Tax Return Isn’t That Bad

“Are you serious about this? Then get an accountant.” - Hilary Mantel’s top tip for writing. People really do wang on about doing their tax returns, especially in creative circles. The way people talk about it, you’d think you had to fill out the form in Russian, in triplicate, halfway up Everest. As a consequence … Continue reading Doing Your Tax Return Isn’t That Bad

My Query Letter

Dear Ms agent I have been following on social media for so long I know the names of all your pets, I am writing seeking representation for my first novel, First Novel. First Novel is a work which both transcends the notion of genre, and confirms to it absolutely. In it we follow the story … Continue reading My Query Letter

Times of Trouble – Poetry Can Help

I have this one poem that took me three whole years to write. I started it as a note on my phone, when I was waiting, drunk and maudlin, for the last train to take me back to Didcot. For the next few years, every time I felt especially low, I’d open up the file … Continue reading Times of Trouble – Poetry Can Help

Facing Friday – Back with a Bang

I AM BACK properly now. Did you miss me? What? NO? Get out. Anyway. As regular readers will know, I recently got married. It looked like this - And made me feel like this - I've already done my gushy marriage post and there is a lot more content to come on this, so I … Continue reading Facing Friday – Back with a Bang